The Evolutionary Inclination in Women to Collect More and More Sperm while Men Want to Disperse More and More Sperm

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The evolutionary inclination in women to collect more and more sperm while men want to disperse more and more sperm

You probably have heard of Charles Darwin. Darwin is responsible for the theories he came upon regarding evolution. In one of his theories, he explains that females are more likely to collect more and more sperm. On the other hand, men prefer to disperse them.

So what’s the scientific reasoning behind this theory? And how does it help us today in understanding human reproduction? First of all, let us take a look at the theory of sexual selection. In a gist, this theory explains that members of a specific species compete with each other to gain reproductive opportunities with the opposite genders. 

Sexual Selection Theory 

The sexual selection theory explains that females of most species are picky when it comes to choosing a partner for mating. Darwin says that this is because females are supposed to provide time and energy in the reproduction process. 

If you did not figure already, this means that the females will face a gestation period, natal care, nursing, and so on. This means the females will look for mates that can provide the best genetic code or resources for their offspring. Due to this reason, the female members of a species become extra choosy when picking a male partner. This also means that females will look for the most attractive and suitable partner for reproduction. 

Darwin’s theory explains that in most species, male members compete in order to win a female member. Since females are picky, this means that the winners of this battle get the chance to pass their genes to the next generations. On the other hand, the losers do not get a chance at reproduction in the animal kingdom. 

How does this whole thing relate to evolution? By reproducing only with the winners of the battle, the next generation inherits these helpful traits. This whole process helps males to evolve with larger bodies and weaponry for a better chance at competing. 

Sperm Competition 

If you couldn’t guess it already from the name, sperm competition refers to the competition between the sperm of two or more male members to fertilize the same egg. In this process, a female will mate with multiple males, meaning that the sperm from each male will compete for the female egg. 

This competition leads males to produce more sperm and be more dominant and aggressive during the mating process. This adaptation will give the male member a better chance at succeeding in the reproductive process. 

How Does this Affect Humans?

You can see sperm conditions in many species, including humans as well. This means that a man should have a higher sperm count and should be able to ejaculate as many times as possible for conception. This shows that men are more likely to disperse more and more sperm. 

When it comes to the reproductive strategies of women, it’s clear that fertilizing an egg is not an easy task. In order to conceive, you should consider ovulation dates, the acidic nature of the vaginal canal, and so on. These obstacles also add to sperm competition, meaning that a woman needs many sperms for a successful fertilization process. This means that women are more likely to collect more and more sperm. 

Alpha Males? 

You probably have heard of alpha males. Alpha male refers to men who have dominant traits. This means that these men are usually bold, demanding, and physically fit. They are also driven by purpose, and high Alpha males usually get what they want, and this applies to reproduction as well. 

These men appear attractive to the female population. Alpha males stand highest in the social hierarchy system, meaning they appear prosperous and stable. Women are naturally attracted to alpha males, according to Darwin’s sexual selection theory. Most women know that alpha males are capable of attaining what they want. In today’s age, women are looking for stable partners, and an alpha male is an epitome of what they are looking for. 

Alpha Males Vs. Alpha Female 

Guess what? There are alpha females as well as men. An alpha female resembles the same qualities as an alpha male. These women are bold, fearless as well as confident in their skin. However, it is highly unlikely that alpha males and alpha females find each other attractive. 

Alpha males are usually attracted to females who possess feminine qualities. These feminine females are generally warm, caring, and nurturing. They also have high self-esteem and know how to maintain their appearance. However, relationships between alpha males and alpha women clash, meaning that the probability of such a union is low. 


Darwin’s theories suggest that women are naturally inclined to collect more and more while men are more likely to disperse more and more sperm. His theories on sexual selection and sperm competition both apply to animals as well as humans. Most women view alpha men to be more attractive and successful, proving that the sexual selection theory applies to the human world as well. However, this phenomenon does not apply to every individual. Not everyone follows or behaves closely to this theory, especially in modern society. While it might have been an advantage in the past, such as in the primal stages of humanity, it is not a necessity in today’s day and age. 

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