All you need to know about the G-spot! 

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All you need to know about the G-spot!

G-spot! Phew! What a hard place to locate! G-spot is probably the most known yet confusing erogenous zone for both women and men when it comes to arousal and orgasms in women. You probably have heard of the G-spot, the magical anatomical part where women go crazy over in the bedroom. 

But what exactly is G-spot? What does it do? How to locate it? What are the anatomical, neurological, and structural aspects? How to stimulate the G-spot sexually? If you don’t know the answers to all these questions, stick around to find out more. 

What exactly is G-spot?

G-spot; scientifically known as the Grafenberg spot, is a tissue located inside the vagina. This delicate and sensitive tissue is actually a part of your clitoral network. Ta-da! So this means that when you stimulate your G-spot, you end up stimulating a part of your clitoral system as well. A woman’s clitoris is as important as a penis to a man in sexual stimulation. No wonder why it’s so pleasurable for women, huh!? 

Why it’s important to women

The G-spot is the “key” when it comes to sexual arousal in women. When sexually aroused, the G-spot swells and raises slightly from the vaginal wall. G-spot can not only lead to sexual pleasure but female ejaculation aka squirting, in some women as well. Even though most women find G-spot stimulation pleasurable, it’s important to remember that there are some women who do not find it so magical and thrilling. 

How to locate it? 

Locating the G-spot can be quite tricky. Normally, the G-spot resides inside your vagina, probably one or two inches deep within the upper vaginal wall. However, these measurements are not the same for every woman out there, meaning that it will be quite hard to know where the G-spot exactly is. 

If you are on a quest to find your or your partner’s G-spot, first start off by relaxing. You don’t want to be stressed when you find your G-spot! Do what makes you sexually aroused, lots of touching, kissing, and massaging before you gently insert your fingers inside the vagina. If you are playing solo, make sure to arouse yourself by massaging the entrance of your vagina as well as your clitoris. 

How to locate the G-spot?

Start with one finger first, and your index finger is your best friend when it comes to locating the G-spot. When aroused, your G-spot feels bumpy, so glide inside the upper vaginal wall till you feel this structure. Once you find it, gently press on it and release the pressure. Repeat this movement to feel more intense sexual arousal. 

What are the anatomical, neurological, and structural aspects? 

Now that you know the titbits about the G-spot, it’s time to look into its anatomical, neurological, and structural aspects of it. 

Anatomically, the G-spot is near the area where the bladder meets the urethra. It is also closest to your belly button. The G-spot is rough or textured compared to the other tissues in the area. 

When it comes to the neurological aspect of the G-spot, research suggests that it’s connected to the sensitive clitoris as well as the pelvic nerves. This means that arousing the G-spot will release your happy hormones, such as dopamine and oxytocin. Next time you wonder why you feel so good when you are aroused, this is precisely the reason why you feel that way! 

Structural-wise, the G-spot is connected to the clitoral system, meaning it has similar nerve endings and erectile tissue. Some researchers suggest that the  G-spot is also connected to the skene’s glands aka the female prostate. The female prostate is responsible for that squirting juice!

How to stimulate the G-spot sexually? 

You can stimulate the G-spot by using your fingers, toys, or your penis in sexual penetration. 

To stimulate the G-spot with fingers or a toy, you first need to get wet down there. Start with strong foreplay, or invest in a good lube for this. Once you know you are wet enough, slowly insert your finger or the toy to locate the spot you are looking for. Once spotted, you just have to experiment with what feels best for you. 

You can use a variety of movements with your fingers or a toy, such as the pressing technique, the rubbing technique, the shaking technique, and so on. Remember to stick to what makes you feel better for an intense experience in bed!

Sex positions that hit the G-spot

If you want to stimulate the G-spot during penetrative sex, there are some sex positions that achieve this better than others. Let’s look into some sex positions that will allow the Penis to do the magic. 

Cowgirl Position

Cowgirl position – there’s no doubt that this position allows the woman to take complete control in penetrative sex. You can adjust the phase, rhythm, and depth to your liking in this position. Work on finding the G-spot and stimulating it for a good experience. 

Doggy style – doggy style allows you to reach the deeper vaginal tissues as you have sex. This means that it allows the penis to hit the spot! Communicate with your partner about what feels the best and work on it to stimulate the G-spot. 

Missionary position – the missionary position is a classic for a reason. It allows the woman to feel a greater stimulation compared to other positions out there. Close your legs together to stimulate the G-spot.


G-spot might sound complicated and hard to locate. However, it provides great pleasure in sexual arousal in women. It also allows achieving squirting in some women. You can stimulate the G-spot in various ways, including your fingers, toys, or a penis. Overall, the G-spot acts as a great pleasure spot for women.

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