How to be the best sex partner

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How to be the best sex partner

How to be the best sex partner is a question almost every one of us faces at least once in our lifetime. When it comes to being the best sex partner, just being good at sex is definitely not sufficient. Sex involves a lot of physical intimacy as well as emotional intimacy. This means that being an excellent sexual partner comes with understanding the physical and emotional needs of your partner. 

A sense of connection, intimacy, and consideration is important when it comes to managing the deeds in the bedroom. In order to become the best sexual partner your other half has ever had, it’s essential to give thought to certain aspects. 

Luckily for you, we have arranged a neat little list you could follow to make your sex life a thousand times better with your partner. 

Talk, Talk, Talk! 

Talk your heart out to your partner when it comes to lovemaking. If you do not voice out your needs, wants, and desires, they are never likely to know what you crave in your sex life. Do you want to try something different with your partner? Do not hesitate to let them know what you like. 

Communication is the active ingredient when it comes to building connection and trust between anyone. This applies to your sexual life as well. If you are afraid of judgment or hurting their feelings with your needs, take a positive approach when talking. Take small steps and explain what you would expect and what you would like to change in the bedroom. 

Listen, Listen, Listen! 

As important as it is to voice your needs to your partner, it is equally important to listen to them communicate. Active listening can make a huge difference, no matter what kind of relationship it is. 

Don’t forget to mindfully listen to what they want, need,, and desire when it comes to lovemaking. Does he/she want to spice things up in an outdoor setting? Appreciate them for their clear and honest idea that would make it better for them. Remember, your sex life is about pleasing your partner as well as you having a good time.

Check-in on them

If your partner never lets you know about what they want or is hesitant to approach you, make sure to check in on them. Work on creating a safe space for them to reach out to you with what they would like in the bedroom. 

Check-ins will help you to understand your partner and any issues you have within your relationship. This way, you can identify issues as well as come up with solutions that cater to both of you. So don’t forget to have a check-in session with your partner from time to time. 

Work out

Working out not only leads to good health but good sex as well. Did you know that by working out, you could train your muscles which will be beneficial in sex? Muscle training increases strength, endurance as well as flexibility which will be handy in bed. 

Engage in activities that increase your heartbeat, such as cardio exercises. Lifting weights will help you build the necessary muscles to help you achieve a better lovemaking session with your partner.

Exercises like Kegels will help women in tightening their pelvic floor, making it pleasurable when you have a sexy time. Testosterone levels increase for men when working out, meaning that men will be less likely to have premature ejaculation in bed. Working out is definitely a win-win for both genders. 

New positions for the win 

Tired of the same old missionary every night? The plethora of sex positions on the internet will help you out on this one. Trying out a new position will bring the best out of sexy time for you and your partner. 

Experimenting will undoubtedly be a new topic for both of you, making it fun and exciting. However, it is worth noting that you cannot find pleasure in every sex position out there. Some positions might not be your jam, but adding new positions to your sex life will definitely be outstanding. 

Foreplay is fun!

One of the keys to being insanely good at sex is your foreplay game. Foreplay is what makes it fun and definitely gets you two all hot and bothered. So investing quality time in foreplay is as important as what comes afterward. 

Foreplay builds that tension you crave, whether you are ‘giving’ it or ‘receiving’ it. Foreplay is not only fun and exciting but builds up intimacy between the two of you. The skin-to-skin contact comes in handy when strengthening bonds, so hey, two birds with one stone!

Out of the bedroom is adventurous! 

Taking it out of the bedroom is surely adventurous. Don’t try to limit sex only to the bedroom; seriously, where is the fun in that? Instead, try spontaneous sex in different places. If you are hesitant to go all the way out, take small steps. 

Move into the closet, be wild in the washroom, or try table position in your kitchen top! The possibilities are endless. If you want to make a bold move, take things outside. A spontaneous session in the pool or at a picnic will definitely leave a positive impression on your partner. 


Let’s be honest. We all want to be the best sexual partner for our other half. Just like other aspects of a relationship, your sex life is pretty essential when managing your bond. Building intimacy, trust, and connection in sex lives is utterly important for a healthy and happy relationship. So practicing active communication, trying out new ideas, and building up yourself is essential when it comes to being the best sex partner. 

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