Train your muscles for better sex

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Train your muscles for better sex

Have you ever stopped in the midst of having sex because of a mere muscle cramp? Have you ever felt that you have the potential to do better in bed but don’t know how to? Then this article is the perfect nook for you to gain info on getting better at sex. 

While some people really enjoy sex, for some people, it has become yet another daily chore. Instead of feeling rejuvenated after sex, you are more likely to feel exhausted from all the heavy physical activity. 

Did you know that there are ways to make sex feel better? Working out, AKA exercising, is one of them. Sex on its own is a form of exercise for both partners. Research shows that men tend to burn 4.2 calories per minute while it’s 3.1 calories per minute for women. If you last somewhere between 10 minutes to 30 minutes in bed, you cannot really consider sex as a productive workout. 

This means you have to hit the gym first to feel better at sex. Training your muscles will allow you to maintain endurance, strength as well as rhythm in your sexual activity. In this article, we talk about a few exercises that will make you feel heavenly in bed. 

Exercises that will make sex feel better!

If you feel demotivated to work out, think of it this way. Working out not only makes you feel great in bed but also keeps your body happy and healthy. Talk about two birds with one stone! So, let’s look into a few exercises that will make you feel better in sex. 

  • Cardio – there’s no doubt that cardio gets your blood flow moving like crazy. This means that your heart rate increases, just as it does when you have sex. Trying out any cardio activity ranging from running, brisk walking, cycling, and so on, will be an advantage for both genders when it comes to health and sex. Men will be able to keep an erection for a more extended period, while women feel more aroused. Make sure to engage in cardio sessions regularly for better sex. 
  • Weight lifting – you might see people on their muscle journeys dedicating their time to weight lifting. Did you know that weightlifting builds up muscles? This means you will be able to feel stronger and more flexible in bed. Research links weight lifting with boosting testosterone levels in men. This is a win-win situation for men since they get to look jacked and feel good in bed. Engage in exercises like push-ups, crunches, and sit-ups to see visible changes in bed. 
  • Kegels – If you haven’t heard already, kegel workouts have always been associated with improving sex life. Kegels are known to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, so ladies take notes. Kegels not only make women feel better at sex but men as well. When engaging in kegel workouts, men are less likely to face premature ejaculation. 
  • Swimming – Let’s face it, we all might not be swimmers. If you are not a swimmer, it is never too late to learn because research shows that you feel more youthful when a swimmer has sex. Since sex and swimming both tests your endurance, swimming is a great way to practice your muscles to endure more. 
  • Plank – Planks are a great way to strengthen your muscles in the abdomen, arms as well as buttocks. If you have ever done a plank, there’s no secret that planks were invented to test your endurance. Engaging in a 60-second plank or more daily will make you endure more, meaning you will excel at sex. 
  • Pelvic thrust – Pelvic thrusts are ideal for ladies who love missionary in the bedroom. Pelvic thrust makes sure that your glutes, calves, and hamstrings build strength and endurance. This means that you will feel good in bed without a doubt by including pelvic thrust in your workout routine. 
  • Cat/cow stretch – Stretching also plays a part in your love-making life. Who knew that a single stretch could make you feel better in bed? This yoga pose helps you to keep your mind at peace, meaning you are able to focus more and be present in the moment. This is important when it comes to sex, too. The cat/cow pose definitely helps you to be present and feel more when having sex. 

Now that you know how to train your muscles for better sex, it is also important to remember that only training your muscles will not guarantee a better sex life for you. You can only attain an extraordinary sex life if both you and your partner are physically and emotionally fit. This means both partners should prioritize overall health and well-being before just training muscles for sex. 


Working out is undoubtedly a great way to keep your physical fitness intact. However, working out and being physically fit come with more advantages than just good health. Being better at sex and feeling better when having sex is an advantage you will have if you work out regularly. Workouts like cardio, weight lifting, kegels, swimming, planks, pelvic thrusts, and cat/cow stretches are bound to make you feel better in bed. As you practice these workouts, it is also important to remember that you won’t get the maxim benefit if you are physically and emotionally unwell. 

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