Why various sex positions are important to try out

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Why various sex positions are important to try out

Sure, sex is what you need for reproduction in the animal kingdom. But is it only for reproduction when it comes to humans? Sex is, and always has been, an amazing way to connect romantic partners with love, trust, and intimacy. 

The sacred book of sex, Kama Sutra, was written centuries ago, making sure that humans were much more interested in sex other than a mere way of achieving reproduction. Nowadays, society focuses on making sex better for everyone, with things like sex education, sex therapy, sex toys, and a whole new adult industry that focuses on human pleasure. 

Today, sex is obviously a tool for building pleasure and intimacy between two or more romantic partners. This means that sex positions play an important role when it comes to sexual intercourse. If you want to find out what various sex positions are and why it’s important to try them out, don’t forget to stick around till the end of this article. 

Variety matters 

Variety matters when it comes to anything and everything we do in life. This includes your sex life as well. Repeating the same thing every other day is not only dull but tiring as well. This repetition makes any task bland and tedious. Are you tired of plain old missionary every day when it comes to lovemaking? Well, it’s essential to understand that just like any other task, overdoing the same-sex position can make it monotonous pretty soon. 

So, trying out new sex positions will help you to break through the monotony in your sex life. It will also give you a sense of excitement, making it more fun and adventurous for both partners. Trying various sex positions will also help you to keep things new and fresh between partners. Try out these sex various sex positions women love the most and add more excitement to your lovemaking routine. 

Better intimacy

Intimacy in sex

Before we start getting into the details, let’s understand what intimacy really stands for. Intimacy stands for the feeling of connection you get from being emotionally close to your partner. Without a doubt, there are many ways to strengthen the intimacy between you and your partner. 

And Ta-da! If you didn’t guess already, sex is an effortless way to build intimacy between partners. 

Trying out new sex positions will definitely increase intimacy since it allows you to explore each other’s body’s in a whole new way. This exploration will create a safe space for you and your partner to share your emotional and physical vulnerability with ease. This means you will connect to your significant other more than you ever did. So, there is no doubt that with various sex positions comes better intimacy!

New adventures 

Trying out anything different from your everyday lifestyle will surely make it feel like a mini adventure. And guess what? It’s the same for trying out new sex positions as well. Trying out various sex positions will give you a chance to explore and get the hint of a sexual adventure with your partner. 

Imagine trying out the tabletop position on your kitchen table! Or try out spooning on your family sofa! Talk about adventure! This experimental nature that comes with every sex position will drive you and your partner wild in bed. 

Experimenting with your partner will help you to recognize what position works best for you. This means that different sex positions will stimulate different erogenous zones, providing you and your partner with more sexual pleasure. 

More pleasure

More pleasure with various sex positions

If this already did not cross your head, did you know that trying new positions will also give you more pleasure? This means that you and your partner will learn how to make each other orgasm better by engaging in new love-making positions. 

Did you know that different sex positions can stimulate different pleasure zones in your body? 

For example, the doggy style will make women feel better by hitting the cervix full of nerve endings, while the missionary will build more intimacy and love. This means that exploring new positions will give you a chance to experience intense orgasms as well as frequent orgasms. 

No limits? 

We all know that not everyone can engage in the plethora of sex positions out there. This will be an issue since people have different body types, different sizes of genitals, chronic and painful illnesses, and physical disabilities. This means that people have limits when it comes to their love-making life. 

So exploring various types of sex positions will give you and your partner a sense of what works better with your body. So there’s no doubt that trying out different sex positions will help you out with figuring out what your limitations and possibilities are in the bedroom. 

What to consider when trying out different sex positions?

It is always important to get your partner’s consent before trying any new sex position. Openly communicating with your partner about the benefits of trying out new sex positions will be productive and healthy for your relationship. No matter how much fun and exciting it sounds, always make sure to put priority into the comfort zones and safety of you and your partner in bed. 


Trying out various sex positions is definitely a fun and thrilling way to find what works best for you. It will break the monotony, increase intimacy, and add more adventure and better orgasms to your sexual journey.

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