Accidents related to sex toys 

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Accidents related to sex toys

You probably have heard of one story or two where someone had to rush into the ER to get their buttplug removed. As embarrassing as that sounds, accidents related to sex toys are quite common nowadays. However, this doesn’t mean that you should quit using your favorite toy(s).

If you think about it, sex toys are another product that could very well include defects or lead to accidents. If you are a proud owner of sex toys or plan to be one, stick to this article to find out the most common types of accidents. 

What are the common sex toy accidents? 

Getting things stuck 

Anal canal 

The most common sex toy accident would go like this, “I got something stuck in my butt, and I can’t get it out!”. If you ever face this situation, don’t be shy to contact medical professionals immediately. 

After all, it’s your butt we are talking about! Jokes aside, did you know that it’s not professional and safe sex toys that cause this problem but random household items? Yes, we are talking about that hair brush or the shampoo that you thought could fit into your butt. The sex toys that could get stuck in your butt include butt plugs and dildos.


Sex toys

The thing about your butt is it’s designed to take things that are only appropriate for the human body. Apart from the poo you are passing, you can try sex toys that are designed specifically for the anal canal. If you don’t have this item already, try to invest in one rather than putting a random cucumber up on your ass.

Another important thing about your anal canal is unlike your vagina, where the canal ceases to exist after the cervix, your digestive tract is one tube that starts with your mouth and ends with your butt.

Now, this does not mean that whatever you insert through your butt will appear out of your mouth. However, there is a high chance of foreign objects like sex toys traveling all the way up to the intestines, causing you internal damage, bleeding, and a ton of pain. So if you think you got something stuck in your butt, go to the nearest ER immediately.

Vaginal canal

The next most common injury is, “somethings stuck in my vagina!”. Now your vagina does not go all the way up anywhere since it stops at your cervix. However, certain toys or household items can cause injuries to your tissues, so if you cannot get it out of your vagina, it’s high time you go to the hospital. The sex toys that could get stuck in your vagina include your vibrator and dildos. 

Cock ring 

The last round of things is stuck, and the next is the cock ring. If your cock ring is stuck to your manhood, your blood flow will be limited. Go to the ER immediately if you want to save the little you, that is.

Apart from things getting stuck, there are other injuries that you could face due to sex toys. These are fairly uncommon compared to the rest above, but it’s still worth taking note of it.


If you insert anything foreign into your body, you cannot expect no risk of infections. Even the most natural thing a vagina could receive (a penis, of course) could cause you infections. So yeah, your sex toys could cause you infections if you don’t use them properly. Almost any surface out there harbors bacteria, and so does your favorite sex toy. So make sure to clean them thoroughly after each use. If you share your sex toys with another person, there is a big risk of transferring infections to another person, which also includes STIs. So be mindful when you use your sex toys next time.

Allergic reactions 

Allergic reaction to peanut butter is pretty common. But sex toys? Not so much! But there is still a chance that some of you might be Allergic to certain materials used in sex toys, such as latex or plastic. For some, it may cause mere skin irritation, while some may face a serious Allergic reaction. So if you are normally prone to allergies, be sure to be mindful with your sex toys.

Chemical burns 

There’s no doubt that some sex toys include harsh chemicals and lubricants to make things pleasurable down there. The thing is, there is a possibility that certain chemicals can cause you burns when contacted with the skin. If you feel any pain, burning, or itching after using sex toys, don’t be shy to pay a visit to your healthcare provider.

Electric shocks

Do electric shocks cause pleasure? Maybe for Tom Bundy on the electric chair but not for the rest of us! It’s no secret that some sex toys, especially that vibrator you love so much, are powered by electricity or batteries. These products could be faulty, just like any electrical product out there in the market. While it’s rare to get an electrical shock from a sex toy, it’s still better to pay extra attention to any faults within your sex toy.


Sex toys have become the norm for providing solo pleasure or spicing things up between a couple. There are many types of these toys out there, and these toys could be faulty at times. So there’s no doubt that they can cause accidents. These accidents are rare, but if they do occur, you might need to take a trip to the nearest ER. Altogether, sex toys are fairly safe to use if you are using them mindfully.

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