Which sex toys work better? 

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Which sex toys work better?

With the invention of the vibrator some hundred years ago, there are plenty of toys out there in the market for you to try on. Filtering out the best of these little gadgets can be a bit of a hassle, considering the amount of variety out there. 

If you are new to exploring the magical world of sex toys, then stick to this article to find out what’s best for you and your needs. Even if you are searching for toys ideal for solo rides or for extra fun with your partner, this article has got you covered. 

What is a sex toy? 

Before jumping into what sex toys work better, let’s take a look at what exactly is a sex toy! 

A sex toy, in simple words, is a device specifically manufactured to enhance your sexual pleasure. Different types of toys depend on what you are trying to stimulate, whether it’s your clitoris, penis, vagina, or anus. 

These toys come in different sizes and colors, not to mention the material they are made of. There are different materials, such as rubber, silicon, glass, and metal, and they can be powered by batteries, electricity, or manually. While these sex toys are fun to use, it is also essential to look out for accidents that occur related to sex toys. 

Different types of sex toys

There are a zillion types of sex toys out there in the market today, and we are going to include some of the best and most commonly used sex toys on our list. Feel free to do some digging before investing in a sex toy. 



Vibrators are designed to, well, vibrate. If you don’t know what a vibrate feels like, think of how your smartphone buzzes up when you receive a text. Vibrators stimulate your private area, including the clitoris, vulva, vagina, penis, testicles, scrotum, anus, and even your nipples. There are different types of vibrators that help you achieve different types of stimulation. 

Vaginal and clitoral vibrators – These vibrators are specifically designed to vibrate your clit and the vagina. Most of these vibrators allow app control as well as a remote control. They are also body safe and provide low noise, enabling you to do your business with ease. These are ideal to use as a solo polo or to add spice with your partner in the bedroom! 


Dildos are designed to enter your vagina, anus, or mouth. These dildos usually represent a penis (duh! Obviously) and are sometimes realistic. They target stimulating your g-spot and the prostate for more pleasure. You can also use your dildo in your anal cavity to experiment. Make sure to add extra lube to make it comfortable when you are engaging in anal sexual activities. These dildos are also made of body-safe materials, such as silicone, plastic, or metal.

Anal toys 

You probably have heard of butt plugs. Some people find it extremely pleasurable to wear a butt plug all day long, while some people like to experiment with anal penetration. However, this isn’t the only toy designed for your anal pleasure. Anal toys include the objects that go into your butt, and they include plugs, anal beads, and dildos with a wider base. Use a broader base in your anal toys to ensure that the toy doesn’t slip up and get lost in there! Anal toys usually require you to use lube for enhanced pleasure. 

Cock rings 

Also known as penis rings, cock rings are rings made to go around your penis. The purpose of a cock ring is to basically keep your dick erect if you face issues with erectile dysfunction. They also increase your sexual sensation, making it more pleasurable. Cock rings increases the blood circulation to the penis, so it helps you to be erect for a more extended period as well. These rings also come with vibrating features, making them ideal for stimulation.


Sleeves are designed to insert your penis. Sleeves are tubes and are often soft. This mimics the inside of a vagina for the penis. For a pleasurable experience, you can use a fair amount of lube when you use a sleeve. Sleeves are usually easy to clean, making the aftermath much more easier for you. These are ideal to masturbate with or use with your sexual partner. 



Pumps are also known as penis Pumps. These gadgets are designed to be like a vacuum and create a suction-like sensation wherever you keep them. So, you can use a pump on your penis, clitoris, vulva, or even your nipples for extra pleasure. By using a penis pump, it helps you to get an election with high blood flow. Pumps help other sensitive areas to feel more sensation and pleasure with suction.


These are only a few of the many sex toys out there today. However, this list represents the popularity of each item amongst the users. While some gadgets are ideal for solo play, some are beneficial to spice things up in the bedroom for couples. These sex toys also consider the lgbtq+ community, making them suitable for everyone’s use. Ultimately, sex toys focus on enhancing your sex life.

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