Which Sex Positions are Loved by Most Women?

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Which sex positions are loved by most women?

You don’t have to study kama sutra to figure out what positions women love when it comes to the bedroom. While the most favorable sex position may vary from person to person, there’s no secret that the majority of women adore certain positions more than others. If you want to find out what might work for you or your partner to receive more pleasure in the bedroom, then stick around to find out what drives women mad!

If you have seen videos in the adult industry, you might have encountered a plethora of positions that require the lady in question to bend and twist in unimaginable ways. While this looks fun and exciting, it is not for everyone. Even though porn stars seem to enjoy every bit of it, not everyone is a certified gymnast.

This may raise a question for you; what do women actually like in bed? While this question may seem tricky to answer, it’s actually quite simple. Most women love simple things in life, and this applies to their sex lives too. Stick to find out what they love and what you can do to make it better for them in the bedroom. 

The Favorite Sex Positions of Women

While it’s impossible to generalize what women love in bed, it is still possible to rank a few depending on the favorability of each position. Below is a list of what women find appealing and pleasurable in bed, so if you want to find out how to have an orgasm during sex, then this is the guide for you.

5. Sideways, AKA Spooning 

If you haven’t tried it already, you might have probably heard of the infamous spooning position. If there’s one thing women love more than sex, then it’s cuddling. The spooning position, as the name suggests, allows you to snog and cuddle a lot while you are in action. Skin-to-skin contact can do wonders when it comes to intimacy, and if you are looking for a way to improve your connection and intimacy in the bedroom, then this is a position you should try next time you are at it. Moreover, this position does not require you to move a lot, so it’s also great for men who usually ejaculate faster. 

4. Table Top Position 

Out of many sex positions out there, the tabletop position is one of the most preferred positions by women all over the world. Women mainly love this position since it gives maximum G-spot stimulation if done correctly. This position is loved by many men too. Talk about two birds with one stone!

To get the maximum benefit out of this position, ask your lady to sit on a table, a countertop, or a flat surface and spread her legs wide, mimicking the eagle position. This allows the woman to feel more pleasurable with G-spot stimulation. What’s more fun about this position is that you are taking lovemaking out of your boring bedroom, making it adventurous and spontaneous. Let’s be real; there’s nothing better than spontaneous sex! 

3. Cow Girl Position

There’s nothing more sexier than your girl on top, taking full control of you. Most women love this position as it allows the ladies to make decisions on what she feels and how she wants to feel. It also allows her to take control of the speed as she decides how she wants to reach an orgasm. Sometimes letting your woman do what she wants is the best because, believe it or not, she really knows what she wants! 

This position also stimulates the fronts of the vagina, making it more pleasurable for her. Make sure to have some skin-to-skin contact while she does her thing up there. You can stand up and hug her or go along her waistline with your fingertips to make it a more thrilling experience for you both. 

2. Doggy Style 

Doggy style is definitely a classic move, and that’s exactly why many women go gaga over it. For most women, it’s not possible to reach an orgasm with just penetration. But this is where doggy style comes in. The doggy style will make sure that the woman reaches an orgasm since the penetrations will be super deep. 

The doggy style works in achieving an orgasm since it directly hits the G-spot, stimulating your lady to the fullest. Make sure to Pull her hips or slap her ass while you are at it to make it feel more fun and adventurous for you both. If you haven’t tried this position already, then this is your sign to try it the next time you are in the mood. 

1. Missionary Position 

Before you ask why, have you ever thought about why the missionary position is the most go-to position of all time? The missionary position not only allows the woman to be dominated and feel more seductive, but it also allows both partners to feel insanely intimate with each other. You get the chance to kiss, hug and do what makes you feel closer at the same time. If you think about it, it’s a win-win for all! 

For the maximum benefit of this position, let her lay on the bed comfortably and spread her legs into a starfish position. While you are at it on the cardio session, make sure to grab her hips to intensify the pleasure. Eye-to-eye contact is also important here, as it allows you to be more intimate, lovable,, and caring towards your partner in this special moment. 

This position might be boring or monotones if you are always doing missionary positions. So make sure to spice things up in the bedroom by trying different positions and occasionally getting into a bomb-ass session of missionary! 


Figuring out what sex positions your woman loves the most is a tricky area; however, there is no doubt that some positions are loved by everyone more than others. This means that there is a high probability that your woman would have a blasting experience with one of these positions. 

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