Are Men Supposed to Fight and Conquer?

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Are Men Supposed to Fight and Conquer?

From the mythical greek god Herculis to modern-day Alpha males, there is one major theme that runs along throughout history when it comes to the interpretation of men. Masculinity is the word you are looking for if you didn’t figure it out already.

With Herculis representing masculine power and bravery in ancient Greece, men have been categorized as masculine over the centuries. Today, the world views men more individually rather than a mere generalization; however, there are still some men, AKA alpha males,  who claim to have this masculine aura around them. 

But what is this so-called masculine energy? Masculinity stands for having qualities and features traditionally considered to be more suitable for a man. This means a masculine man represents a man who is brave, powerful, strong, bold, and so on. This traditional view of men comes with certain expectations. Even though society today focuses on individuality when it comes to fulfilling duties, history has invented clear-cut gender roles for both males and females. This meant that a man’s gender role was to fight and conquer while a woman’s gender role was to nurture and care. 

This view is certainly old-fashioned, given that many men today tend to follow their own paths, deviating from this traditional mentality. If you look around, you will easily be able to find stay-at-home Dads, Men who thrive in more feminine jobs, and men who adore serenity and peace over anything masculine. What’s important to understand here is that not all men are the same; however, the following anatomical, behavioral, and psychological pieces of evidence showcase that men were initially made for fighting and conquering after all. 

Anatomical Evidence – Are men better at physical fights when compared to women?

This is an obvious question you will be able to answer in seconds. Yes, in a generalized view, men are evidently better at physical fights and conquering them as well when compared to the opposite gender. The main reason for this is the anatomical structures of both men and women. Since men are usually built larger and stronger when compared to women, there is no doubt that they are better combat fighters than women.

The cause for this anatomical difference in men and women is a single hormone called testosterone. Testosterone, also known as the male development hormone, is available at higher levels in men. This hormone is responsible for increased muscle mass, which is clearly visible in men. This makes a man more suitable for a combat situation rather than a woman. 

Behavioral Evidence – Are males socially forced to be better at physical combat?

Behavior is a learned trait you acquire according to the society you grow up in. This means that behaviors are taught when you are a child. Throughout history, it was traditional for men to engage in tasks that were more masculine. This meant that most men went to war and fought to protect their families. This social norm is still not dead yet, and people learn from history. This means that men are more coerced into engaging in physical fights than women. Men are also known to be more aggressive and competitive in contrast to women, meaning that they are more likely to fight and conquer. 

Psychological Evidence – Are men more likely to engage in a physical fight?

The psychology of a man plays a huge role when it comes to the motives of fighting in any gender. Research shows that men are more likely to assault physically to another person, meaning that they are more aggressive than women. The motives for fighting can vary for both genders. While women would fight to protect their family or a loved one, a man is more likely to fight for power, status, and domination. Men may engage in physical combat since winning or conquering a fight is seen as desirable by others. This means that men are more likely to fight for an ego boost as well. Whatever the reason may be, this shows that men fight physically more than women. 

Even though this proves that men are more likely to fight and conquer, this does not justify a man who wants to engage in physical combat that causes violence and harm to others. This generalized view is also not accurate for all men since there are many men who are not interested in engaging in physical fights. So it is important to note that not all men fall under this category, and individual differences matter when it comes to a man’s personality and behavior. 

It is not uncommon to see many men hiding under the name of masculinity and casting violence and toxic behavior on others. Even though there is anatomical, behavioral, and psychological proof to showcase why some men behave the way they do, it is not always acceptable in society. Plus, building a safe space for everyone is essential, so this means that it’s better to avoid violence and war as much as possible to contain world peace.

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