Is it true that having sex with an older woman makes men grow older?

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Is it true that having sex with an older woman makes men grow older?

In simple words, it’s a yes. While this may sound like absolute bull crap to you, the thing is, having sex with an older woman can accelerate the aging process of a younger man. 

Before we dive into this topic, let’s take a look at why people age and what it means to age. Aging, in simple terms, means becoming older. In scientific terms, aging stands for the process of cellular damage over a long period of time. When this happens, aging individuals are more prone to catching diseases and functioning properly.

These physiological changes that come with aging lead to senescence. Senescence means the process of deterioration. How does aging affect the reproduction and sex lives of humans? It’s no secret that sexual desires and abilities decline drastically as you age. This means that a youth in his prime years will have a higher sexual drive when compared to a senior citizen. 

However, Research explains that when there is a change in social or environmental factors in one’s reproductive life, the natural response in the schedule of senescence changes as well. This shows that social dynamics actually play a role when it comes to the aging process. 

How does sex affect the process of aging?

Now that you know what aging is and that social dynamics affect the process of aging, it is time to look into how sex affects the process of aging in males. 

According to Darwin’s sexual selection theory, males face a lot of social interaction, AKA competition, to secure a female for mating purposes. Younger males face a greater risk when competing with older and more experienced males. These social dynamics increase the delayed maturity in younger males for survivorship in their mating lives. 

On the other hand, female preferences are also a cause factor as to why males tend to mate with older females. If females prefer features found in younger males, then they are more likely to mate with younger males. These female preferences also tempt the more youthful males to mate even if the process of maturation is accelerated. 

Female preferences play a huge role in altering the evolution of mating efforts in age-specific male groups. This means that younger males are more likely to contribute to the mating process when compared to older males. However, this comes with a price to pay. 

If females prefer younger males for reproduction, this causes males to accelerate their senescence, in other words, aging. On the other hand, if females prefer features in older males for reproduction, then males will face a deceleration in their senescence. 

What causes female preferences in mating?

In the primitive world, females don’t just look for one thing when choosing a reproductive partner. They are more likely to choose a partner that will win the genetic lottery for their offspring. In some species, they also actively look for partners who are capable of providing throughout pregnancy and in nursing the youngsters. 

Males with high preference rates are more likely to live longer than the rest. Females prefer this since they expect their offspring to have a high genetic quality as well as a longer lifespan. Basically, this means that an older male is a representation of high genetic quality, so females in some species prefer older males when mating to ensure longevity for their offspring. 

However, the opposition argues that males who live longer are more likely to have little to no reproductive productivity in their lives, meaning that they are not subjected to mate-related sentences or mortality. So females who mate with older males are more likely to have offspring with low fitness levels. 

Masturbation links to aging?

Now that you know all the titbits of why a younger male is more likely to age when engaging in intercourse with an older woman, it’s time to look into how masturbation affects it. Did you know that masturbation can cause premature senility

First of all, what is premature senility? Premature senility is also known as premature aging. As the name suggests, you get old faster than you should with this condition. While people face this due to many causes, masturbation is also linked to causing premature senility. So the next time you think of masturbating, think twice! 

Ayurvedic views on masturbation and sex with an older woman

If you didn’t know already, ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system. Ayurveda takes a natural and holistic approach to treating various illnesses and diseases. This means that ayurveda also has a say in masturbation as well as sex with older women. According to Ayurveda, masturbation and sex with older women both lead to premature aging. While masturbation causes physical and emotional monotony resulting in senescence, it is believed that the bodily fluids of older women are also a cause of senescence in males. 


If you have ever wondered why the union between older women and younger men is frowned upon in traditional society, there is a reasonable reason for it. In the primitive kingdom as well as in humans, mating with older females causes younger males to accelerate their aging process. On the other hand, masturbation also plays a part in premature aging in males. Ayurvedic traditional medicine also points out that one of the main reasons for premature aging is masturbation and sex with older women. So yes, having sex with an older woman actually plays a part in your aging process, whether you like it or not!

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