Sex after your delivery, dos, and don’ts 

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Sex after your delivery, dos, and don’ts 

Getting back to having sex after pregnancy can be a tedious process. They say that having a baby can be a life-changing moment, and the reality is that it really is. Just after delivery, the one thing that may be on your mind is your newborn baby. However, taking time for yourself as well as your partner is also important during this time. Considering what your body needs and what it does not need is a must at this time, and that includes sex as well. You may feel like it is time for you to have sex after some time, or maybe you might not feel like having sex at all for a longer period of time. It is important that you listen to your body, as well as communicate your needs with your partner. 

When can you have sex after delivery?

Momentarily, you might feel like sex after delivery is impossible, but that is not the case. Once you have taken time to recover your body and mental health, you can start thinking about having sex again. The point is not to force it and be patient about the timing. The doctors may usually advise you to wait at least six weeks before you have sex again after delivery. This is because It takes about four to six for you to recover from delivery fully. If you have had a C-section, you should wait for six or more for your body to heal properly before thinking about intercourse. 

Will sex be the same after delivery?

The short answer is no. Sex will not be the same after your delivery, and maybe it is a good thing. This is a time that you need to communicate your needs, concerns, and insecurities with your partner. Sex may not feel the same to you, and it is alright since you have faced major changes in your body. Being understanding of each other’s needs, preferences, and feelings is crucial at a time like this. 

After delivery, it is common for you to have weakened pelvic floor muscles. You can tone these muscles over time if you engage in kegel exercises. Pregnancy changes you, both physically and mentally. Your partner may feel the same. However, recognizing these changes and adapting to them is important for you and your partner to have a fulfilled sex life after delivery. 

What will you experience after delivery?

Most people talk about how hard it is to give birth. However, they do not talk enough about what happens after your delivery. You may face some changes in your body as your body recovers in time. These changes are, 

  • Lingering pain and cramps 
  • Postpartum discharge 
  • Vaginal tears 
  • Fatigue in the body 
  • Vaginal dryness 
  • Hemroides or piles 

You will face a lot of hormonal changes during this time as well, and this may also cause you to undesirable towards sex. This is why it is important for you to wait and be patient till you feel alright about having sex. 

What can I expect from first sex after delivery?

It could be a magical experience for you or just a plain horrid one. It can go both ways, depending on your mood, comfortableness, and the healing process of your body. You may feel pain when having sex for the first time after delivery, and this can be quite normal since your vagina will be sensitive and dry after delivery. If you had vaginal cuts during delivery, it is better to wait them out till it heals. 

What can I do if sex is painful? 

You may continue to feel some pain while having sex after delivery. However, if it lasts for a longer period of time, it is best that you consult a doctor regarding the matter. Otherwise, you can opt to 

  • Experimenting – Experimenting with what options you may have after delivery is a great way to find out what you and your partner need for sexual satisfaction. If you find it painful to have intercourse, you can experiment with oral sex, sex toys, vibrators, anal sex, and mutual masturbation, depending on your preference. Experimenting is better than nothing to keep you fulfilled and satisfied in your sex life. 
  • Lubing it up – It is a great time for you to try lube if you have not tried it already. Using lube will make things easier and less painful for you if you are having vaginal intercourse. 
  • Communicating – Communicating with your partner is a great way to ease you up from your fears and anxieties regarding sex. So give in time for quilty talking to build up confidence and let go of the anxieties. 

What about birth control?

You probably have heard that breastfeeding works as a form of contraception for about six months after delivery. However, there are chances of this not working out as you want it to, so consulting a doctor regarding birth control is essential after delivering your baby. Your doctor may suggest a copper intrauterine device (IUD) as a form of birth control or progestin-only contraceptives right after delivery. Taking combined birth control pills will increase the risk of blood clotting, so it is not recommended by healthcare providers right after delivery. 

If you desire to have another child after delivery, it is recommended that you wait at least 18-24 months after the delivery for your body to heal and be ready for another pregnancy again. 

Giving birth and having a baby is not an easy task in any way. You and your partner both will face major life-changing events after the delivery of your baby. Taking care of a newborn and adjusting to the new life is hectic. Sex could be the last thing that comes to your mind when you have a newborn in the house. However, sex is still a vital part of your intimate relationship with your partner. Whether to have sex sooner or later after delivery depends on your needs, moods as well as your partner’s. Taking time to communicate is important as it can lead to a fulfilled sex life after the delivery as well. 

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