How to give her the perfect vaginal massage?

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How to give her the perfect vaginal massage?

A massage is just what your body needs after a hefty week of work. It is not only relaxing but therapeutic for your body and soul. There is nothing else that could make you feel the same way that a massage does.  Massages are there to make you feel tenser free and put you at ease. So does a vaginal massage. You must be thinking about what a vaginal massage is by now. 

Vaginal massages are also known as Yoni massages. Believe it or not, vaginal massages are not a new industry at all. These vaginal massages, AKA Yoni massages, have been there for centuries. They were believed to be originated from tantric practices. What’s tantric, you ask? Tantric practices were originally introduced by ancient followers of Hinduism in the Indian subcontinent. These practices focus on creating deep and intimate experiences. 

Now, this all sounds great. But what exactly is a vaginal massage? A vaginal massage, as the name sounds, is massaging the vaginal area to reduce tension and to alter pleasure for the lady. A vaginal massage usually focuses on the vulva and sometimes the inside of the vaginal canal. Vaginal massages are not entirely sexual, meaning that you can either make it pleasurable or not, depending on your preference. 

What are the benefits of a Vaginal massage

Before diving into how to give a perfect vaginal massage, it is always worth noting the benefits of a vaginal massage. A vaginal massage is a sensual massage that gives you immense pleasure and relaxation if done properly. If you are engaging in a vaginal massage with a partner, you are more likely to strengthen the intimate bonds with him or her. For some people, this practice can be highly spiritual and emotional, which will also reconnect your mind and body together for a better experience. You can also practice vaginal massages to induce arousal and reach an orgasm. 

How to give a perfect vaginal massage?

The magic about vaginal massages is you really do not need a partner to engage in one. You can engage in one by yourself to improve relaxation and mind-to-body connection. You can also practice vaginal massages with your partner or an experienced massage practitioner. Now, moving on to how to give the perfect vaginal massage. 

Hygiene first. 

Before you try anything that concerns the vulva and the vagina, it is important to be hygienic first to protect your vaginal health from infections. So before you proceed with a vaginal massage, follow the safety measures such as,

  • Properly washing hands before the massage 
  • Disinfecting and washing the tools that you may use during the massage 
  • Using lubricants and massage oils that do not contain any irritants to the vagina 

These are some of the necessary steps that you should follow before proceeding to a vaginal massage. 

Settle the setting. 

A vaginal massage is undoubtedly one of the most spiritual and intimate types of massage that one can experience. This being said, it is important to prepare for the massage in order to attain the best experience. This includes setting the environment as well as your body and mind. 

Environment – The environment in that you choose to have a vaginal massage can make or break the experience for you. It’s a no-brainer that the environment has to be relaxing and calming. You can choose a place that you feel the most comfortable, like your bedroom or your living room. Lying on a soft mattress or on the floor is ideal for the massage to be perfect and more comfortable. You can also make it more personalized by lighting up your favorite scented candle or playing calming background music. Anything that helps you to calm down is the key here. 

Your body – Relaxing your body in a comfortable position is the way to go when you are thinking about getting a vaginal massage. Lay down in a comfortable space with your legs open. Don’t forget to add fellows to make your experience extra comfy! 

Your mind – A vaginal massage is an intimate experience that connects your mind and the body. So it is important to relax and feel calm before you start with the massage. If you are afraid or it does not feel as you imagined, you can also opt to stop before or during the massage. 

Massage techniques

Now moving on to the massage techniques, you can start with a simple technique such as, 

  • Circling – This means creating circles with your fingers around the clitoris. These circles can be clockwise or counterclockwise. You can also opt to switch between. Circles can be either small circles or big circles, depending on your preference.
  • Tugging – Carefully hold the clitoris with your thumb and index finger and pull gently. You can repeat this technique to enhance relaxation and pleasure for the lady. 
  • Cupping – Create a cup shape with your hand and place it on the vulva. Use your palm to massage the area as you flatten it slowly. 

You can repeat these three easy techniques if you and your partner are beginners at vaginal massaging. You may experience intermediate and advanced massage techniques if you opt for a massage practitioner. 

Can I have an orgasm while having a vaginal massage?

While most people view vaginal massage as a highly spiritual experience, you can still get an orgasm during the massage. If you prefer sexual pleasure from your vaginal massage, you can opt for edging. Edging is a technique that intensifies and delays orgasm to get the most sensual experience out of the massage. If you practice edging, you may stop the massage for a brief moment just before the climax. This allows you to settle down for another round of intense and pleasurable massage till you eventually reach the point of climax. Ultimately, vaginal massages are a great way to connect with your mind and body spiritually, intimately, as well as sexually.

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