How can you make money selling used underwear?

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How can you make money selling used underwear?

Yes, it’s a thing now. Believe it or not, you can actually sell your used underwear instead of throwing it away. And, of course not, you cannot just sell your used underwear to your next-door neighbor or anyone you meet on the road. There are buyers (of course, you guessed it) on the internet. The Internet is bizarre that way since it allows you to earn money in unique and unconventional ways. 

Selling your used underwear can be a great way to earn some extra cash on the go. It can be an ideal side hustle for any woman who is willing to sell used underwear. However, this side hustle is not for everybody, so if you are feeling uncomfortable about the thought of selling your undies, this guide is surely not for you. For those who are looking to get some cash on their hands, this guide will definitely help you to attain that. 

Getting into this side hustle also does not mean that you are relating to the adult industry whatsoever. Hey, you are just selling your used underwear, and what’s so pornographic about selling garments? 

Who buys used undies?

Fetishes are a real thing, and for your information, some people actually fetishize used underwear. This is called a used panty fetish, and they really get arousal from used undies! The majority of the buyers are men; however, there are some women who are willing to purchase used underwear as well. If you think you are the only one doing it, you are wrong because there are millions of people who have made selling used underwear their side hustle. 

Selling your underwear online does not mean that you have to reveal your identity to the buyer or anyone else on the preference. You can easily hide your identity and be anonymous while selling your underwear. 

Who can sell used undies on the internet?

You must be wondering if everyone is able to make money by selling used underwear. If you are a teen reading this to make some pocket money, it is a no-go. You cannot sell your undies online if you are under the age of 18. 

You might also be thinking only women can sell these, and the majority are women; however, some men can also pull off this game to earn more cash. 

Pros and Cons of Selling your used underwear 

Like any other business out there, there are some pros and cons you might have to face if you are planning to go on this side hustle. 

Pros of selling used undies 

Easy way to earn cash – Since you have no use for your used underwear, you can easily sell them to buyers. You do not need any skills to go with this side hustle, as you only need some basic photography skills, a smartphone, and a good internet connection. You also do not need to spend a lot of time investing in this side hustle. 

No need to commit – Feel like you have earned enough cash by selling your undies? Then you do not need to stick to it forever the way other businesses require your commitment. 

Low cost – There is little to no cost when it comes to selling your used underwear. You can keep selling the undies you already own, and if you run out of them, you can invest in some affordable undies! 

Cons of selling used undies 

The market is competitive – There are many people siding up to sell their used underwear for obvious reasons. It is up to you to make your more attractive buyers within the market. You can make it more personalized for the buyers by asking for their special requests or adding captivating notes, pictures, or even videos. 

Not everyone can do it – People under the age of 18 should not do this business to earn money. The sellers are mostly female-dominated, so if you are a man wishing to sell undies, you might have to do further research. Some people are also uncomfortable with a stranger getting aroused by their used underwear. It is better to avoid this business if you do not feel fully comfortable with the idea of selling your used underwear. 

Health risk – Since you are a seller, you might not face health risks regarding used underwear. However, your buyers might contract sexually transmitted infections(That is if you have them already), fungi, or other harmful bacteria. 

Where to sell your used underwear?

Now that you know the pros and cons of selling used underwear, it is time to look into where to sell your underwear. 

Etsy – You can easily create an Etsy account. If you don’t know already, Etzy is a platform where you can sell your crafts, handmade items as well as antiques. You will be able to see some sellers selling their underwear starting from 20 dollars. Remember not to put your real name and address when you are creating an Etsy account for this side hustle. 

Onlyfans – You might have probably heard of this adult website. This is a great place to sell your used underwear, especially if you are comfortable with showing your face. You can still opt to be anonymous here as well. 

Snifffr – Snifffr is another website where you can easily sell your panties online. Here, buyers can directly chat with you to match their preferences. There are no commission fees or transaction fees here, so it is a real deal for you! 

The legality of selling used underwear 

Not everything is legal in every country. If you are from a highly religious or conservative country, it might be illegal for you to sell used underwear. If you are unsure about the legality of where you wish to sell, it is always better to double-check the local laws. 

Selling used underwear is definitely a new industry, but a thriving one for sure. This is a wonderful business option as a side hustle, or if you are willing to earn a steady income from it, you can opt for that as well.

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