Why Does Older Man – Young Woman Tradition Exist in Marriages?

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Why Do Older Men and Young Women Traditions Exist in Marriages?

The marriage or the union between an old man and a young woman is a tale as old as time. It has existed for generations since the beginning of humanity, and this age gap between husband and wife still exists today in some marriages. But the real question is, why is this normal? While some cultures view this as a norm, other cultures heavily criticize this practice. In contemporary western society, the marriage between an older man and a younger woman may seem stereotypically predatory. 

While some men who are actually predatory view younger women as easy targets of control and manipulation, there are some men who like the youth and energy of younger women compared to older women. Everyone’s intention is different, so generalizing the union between an older man and a younger woman is quite impractical in this day and age. 

History of Older Man and Younger Woman Unions. 

If you toss aside the toxic predatory men, there are still quite a lot of men who wish to marry younger women. If you dive into the past, in primitive stages, the union between older men and younger women was quite normal. The reasons for this were simple; men looked for women who could bare children, while women looked for men who could provide and protect. However, in recent history, marriages were conducted for political or economic reasons and rarely due to the partners falling in love. In many societies, men were viewed as the breadwinner of the family, while women were homemakers. This meant that a man had to establish a method of earning and collecting a large sum before he could get married, and women offered their youth in return for the financial stability that an older and richer man could provide. However, this tradition is not a norm anymore in many contemporary societies since the majority of women have a way of earning, meaning that they do not need to worry about financial stability in marriages. 

Despite this transformation, marriages between older men and younger women still exist in the society. While financial gain and reproductive matters are not a reason for a union such as this in this day and age, there still may be some reasons for a marriage between an older man and a younger woman. 

Reasons why Older Men and Younger Women Marriages Work in Contemporary Society. 

  • Older men are more mature. 

One of the main reasons why younger women are giddying over older men is that they are more mature when it comes to matters of the heart. This means that older men have experience in life in general, so they also know what a woman needs compared to a younger stud. A younger woman may find this quality outstanding since women look for partners who are understanding and caring. 

  • Women mature faster.

It’s not a secret that women mature faster when compared to same-aged men, both psychologically and physiologically. This means that younger women may find similarities between themselves and older men than younger men. Younger women and older men are separated by their obvious age gap; however, they are mentally on the same page.

  • Sex is better. 

Some girls go gaga over older men simply due to the fact that they are more experienced in the bedroom. There’s no doubt that an older man has more experience; thus, he knows how to give pleasure to a woman properly in bed. This is another reason why the union between older men and younger women seems to work perfectly.

  • A great sense of security. 

Let’s face it; an older man is rarely in the mood to play around when compared to a younger man. Older men have been through a lot in life, meaning that they are more likely to establish serious and long-lasting relationships. Women find this attractive in older men since it provides a great sense of stability and security within the relationship. 

  • The clock doesn’t tick for men. 

The biological clock does not tick for men, meaning that they are fertile till they take their last breath. This is not the same for women, so the woman must rush before her clock ticks in a marriage between a younger man and a younger woman. This means having children in her younger years. However, this is not an issue in older men’s and younger women’s marriages since she does not have to rush. 

Issues in Older man – Younger Woman Marriages.

Just like any other marriage, it is common for issues to arise for older man- younger woman marriages as well. Marriage is not a perfect utopia since issues and arguments are inevitable in a union between a man and a woman. 

  • Insecurities – Older men are more likely to develop insecurities when married to a younger woman. Being old is often seen as a weakness, so he may constantly compare himself with younger men. 
  • Depression – Older adults are more likely to suffer from depression when compared to younger adults. This happens due to retirement, loss of youth as well as energy. A younger partner may not understand or be able to cooperate with this. 
  • Differences – An age gap means inevitable differences in many things. This means you may have different opinions, views, likings, hobbies, etc. This may clash together in a marriage with an age gap. 


Marriages between old men and younger women are not a new thing. It has been there for ages, and contemporary society still follows this trend to a certain extent. While there are many advantages to a marriage between an older man and a woman, there are some disadvantages as well. However, it is worth noting that every marriage has its own issues, and so does a marriage between an older man and a younger woman. 

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