Who Can Develop into A Cam Mannequin?

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Have you ever wondered how people begin doing shows on live sex cams? Whether there is some kind of casting, or training, or exams? We’d like to watch such ‘graduation’, though, the examiners be like, good performance but grade reduced for using the sex toy the wrong way or making the chief examiner ejaculate before the exam officially started, tee-hee.

If you have ever visited such camming sites (and you did, for sure), then you obviously thought about it, at least for a second. Now is the time to answer that fleeting question. Because everyone knows that the Internet was designed for answering all kinds of weird questions that surface in your mind at odd hours of day and night.
Or else, if you consider becoming a cam model, you may have this question. Read on, since the answer is right there.

Who in particular can be a model in live sex cams?
Anyone without exceptions. Yes, this is the least discriminatory job market, no matter how weird it may sound. Humans have appetites for all kinds of bodies, skin color, hair, sizes of boobs, butts, cocks, balls, sexual preferences and manner of communication. So yes, if you decide to become a model, the appearance is the least critical parameter to consider. You decide whether you want to do camming, set up an account and go.

Is there any kind of casting or gatekeeping that a model needs to get through?
On most sites, like Firecams, no. There is none. You set up an account, verify your payment details, and you are ready for the show. Few sites that are considered very upscale may require you to provide high resolution and professional quality photo portfolio of you as a potential model. If they like the photos, you are allowed to work on the site. How they evaluate models – no one knows for sure, but most probably they look for models sexy in traditional way – long groomed hair, curves, boobs, makeup and the rest, so mind that.
But most sites welcome anyone since they know that every offer will have its buyer (sorry for using the business slang, but that’s the best expression of the point). All people big and small, young and mature, blonde or dark haired, with tattoos, piercing, vanguard haircuts, scars, stretchmarks, wrinkles and freckles, women and men (as well as trans and non-binary) are welcomed to the profession. Sex knows no boundaries and limits.

What does it take to become a cam model?
Since looks are less important consideration (although basics of hygiene and self-grooming are a must, no soiled and holey socks and lingerie, please), other concerns come to the front.
First, you have to own basic technical equipment to start working in live sex cams. It includes a laptop with a good camera, or better with a separate camera connected to it, a mike, stable and fast Internet connection for streaming, and a place where you would stage your shows without fear of being interrupted. Desirably, a neat room or bedroom, since camming in closet or toilet is refreshing but not to everyone’s taste.
Next, consider your own personality. You need to be comfortable enough about your body, since at the beginning you may face trolling and lots of derogatory comments about your appearance. It is not about you, it is about mean character of trolls, but you have to be prepared to withstand it to become successful and indifferent to such fleabites. Some models have a different experience – they were insecure about their looks and body shape, but positive feedback and flood of tips made them reconsider relationship with their bodies.
Besides, you need to be ready to explore new ways to have sex, to be inventive and easy-going, and to launch a whole social media campaign. Yes, successful models build up the followers’ crowd in their professional accounts, and so clients get alerted by invitation to join the regular show whether they want it or not. And who would say no to such invitation!
Hope we have answered tis question, and now you know a bit more about the inside of live sex cams and cam sites.

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