Finding room for sex when you have kids

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Finding room for sex when you have kids

Finding room for sex can be a bit of a hassle after you have kids. Let’s face it; you rarely find time for yourself in between needy little ones that crave attention from you 24/7. The kids are always there when you wake up to make breakfast; they are there; throughout the day, they follow you around, and at night, they may want to cuddle between you and your partner for extra comfort and attention. As a parent to your cute little small ones, saying no to them is out of the question. But this does not mean that your sex life has to cease to exist after you have kids. Finding room for sex after having kids can be quite tricky, but it is not impossible as you may think. 

You might be wondering how to possibly have a fulfilling sex life while also finding the time and hiding from the kids to avoid embarrassment and accidentally traumatizing them. You probably know it by now, little kids are explorers, and you really do not want them to spot you while you are getting hot with your partner. Finding a little privacy in your own house might seem a bit impossible, but with a little bit of creativity, you and your partner will be able to find some room to rekindle your romantic lives once again. 

How to find the time?

Most parents do not even remember whether they had their breakfast. When you have kids, your priorities are set on them, and you come last on the list. This is the same when it comes to managing time. From morning to night, you are busy paying attention to your kids, and you might forget to have some time for yourself. This is where you have to be a little creative with yourself and your partner. There are little nooks of time that you may miss out on as you take care of your kids. 

  • Some TV time wouldn’t hurt your kid – TV is a great distraction, not only for kids but for adults as well. Your little ones will love the moving images and entertaining sounds on the TV for sure. Little kids can get easily distracted, and they would not even know until you switched off the TV. So give them time on the TV so they can entertain themselves for a little while so you and your partner can have a moment for some sexy time. Make sure to have a baby monitor on and that they are safely in their cribs as you have a moment for yourself. Time for oneself is important, and this applies to little kids as well.
  • Kids will love a little family time – Your kids are always under your supervision. But what if they spend some time with your in-laws or with a trusted friend? The chances are, your family and friends will love to babysit for you with your little ones for a few hours while you find some time for yourself with your partner at home. And hey, your kids will have some time to socialize with others as well. It’s a win-win for both! 
  • Early bedtime for the kiddos – If there’s one thing about kids, they love to sleep. Get them to bed early and tuck them in with their favorite toy and a calm bedtime story. Once they are fast asleep, you can find some time for sex with your partner easily. 
  • Find a  babysitter for the day – Getting a babysitter isn’t a bad idea at all. You can either go out with your partner for some quality time or stay at home while the babysitter takes care of your kids. 
  • Daycare is a thing – While you may feel a pang of guilt when you consider this for your little one, it is not entirely bad for them either. A daycare center is ideal for your kid’s secondary socialization and social development. You can schedule some afternoon delight while with your partner if you opt for this. 

Where to have sex

When your kids are a little older, it becomes challenging for you to find the time or a place for you to have sex with your partner. They might not be distracted by TV anymore and may refuse to spend time with family or with a babysitter. If you are facing a situation like this, you might be left with limited time and no place to have sex. Your and your partner’s creativity and mutual agreement play a huge role when it comes to finding the time and a place to have sex when you have older kids in the house. 

  • Bathroom – If you have been a sneaky teenager in your younger days, then you might have already experienced bathroom sex. It can be quite challenging, but hey, what’s without a little struggle? You and your partner may find this quite thrilling as you hide away from your kids for some sexy time.
  • Car sex – Car sex isn’t only for teens hiding from their parents but vice versa as well. Car sex can be something new for you and your partner to spice things up after spending ages in the bedroom. 
  • Your closet – Closet can be an enthralling experience too, as you hear your kids while you hide away in the darkness. You can spend a few minutes of bliss here while the kids are still in the house. 

Finding room for sex after having kids is definitely challenging, and your sex life would not be the same when your little ones are running around in the house all day. But this does not mean that you have to say goodbye to the once-fulfilling sex lives you used to have. With a lot of communication with your partner and some notes of creativity, it is not impossible to find some room for sex to rekindle your romance. The key here is to understand that your sex lives have changed, and with kids, it’s definitely for the better.

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