Why are women so much into anal sex?

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Why are women so much into anal sex?

You probably have done/heard of anal sex. Anal sex is not a new concept, to begin with, but it is obvious that the stigma towards it has loosened up in recent years. If you dive into the history of the sex lives of our ancestors, they engaged in anal sex in order to avoid pregnancy. However, one thing worth noting in history is that people still engage in anal sex even after discovering various contraceptive methods. A simple reason for this could have been that they really liked what they felt when engaging in anal sex. 

The modern world we know is fairly sex-positive compared to your grandma’s day and age, meaning that anal sex is a topic you can discuss openly. That being said, there is no doubt that many people are into it, especially women. But what exactly is anal sex? We know what vaginal sex is like. It’s the same thing for anal sex as well, but just in your anus! 

Why do women like anal sex?

A common stereotype about anal sex is that only gay men get to enjoy anal sex. However, there are many women who love engaging in anal sex, making this stereotype false. But why do women like anal sex when they can have vaginal sex?

Because it’s adventures. 

If you are someone who is experienced in vaginal sex, you know the deal. Vaginal sex on its own is magical for a newbie, but it gets quite boring pretty quickly down the line. Women who are looking to spice up their acts in the bedroom usually give anal sex a shot. If you can experience something different and pleasurable, who would say no to that!?

Because it’s pleasurable. 

Let’s face it. Nobody would dare to do it if it wasn’t pleasurable. The cherry on top is that anal sex can actually lead you to an orgasm as well. If you didn’t know already, anal sex stimulates your pleasure points, such as the G spot, A spot, and the clitoris, through anal penetration. This means that you can actually have an orgasm through anal sex. So what is there not to love about it!?

Because it’s kinky.

Even if the majority of people are sex-positive and view anal sex as something normal, there are some cultures and religions that view it as a taboo topic. This means that it’s a kinky and naughty experience for some women, which gives it a sense of rebelliousness and a not of secrecy. A tad bit of guilt can make anal sex a thousand times more intense! 

Because it doesn’t get you pregnant.

Unlike vaginal sex, there is no risk of getting knocked up when having anal sex. Anal sex is a great alternative for women who are paranoid about getting pregnant after vaginal sex. Anal sex will definitely make you feel at ease when it comes to the topic of pregnancy after a pleasurable moment with your partner. 

Because it’s fun!

Some women prefer anal sex simply because it is a fun activity to try with your partner. Anal sex is just as intimate as vaginal sex and maybe more pleasurable for the lady than plain old vaginal penetration. 

Is every woman into anal sex?

The simple answer to this is no. Not everyone is into anal sex, and that is okay. Some might find it uncomfortable or painful, depending on their experience and mood. However, there are many women who favor anal sex. So the preference for anal sex depends from one woman to another, meaning that some may find it pleasurable while others may find it uncomfortable.

Who likes anal sex?

Anyone can grow to like anal sex; however, it is an ideal way of sexual activity for people who do not have vaginas, women who find vaginal sex painful, and people who gain more pleasure from anal sex. 

Is anal sex painful? 

There is a widely known misconception that anal sex is painful. This is a misconception for a reason because if anal sex is painful for you, you are doing it wrong. Anal sex is not supposed to hurt, and if it hurts, you are probably doing it too fast and too rough. Most newbies may find anal sex painful or uncomfortable since they are more likely to be unprepared to have a good time during anal sex. 

How to prepare for anal sex?

Preparing for anal sex and knowing your tits and bits about it can aid you in having a truly pleasurable experience with your partner. Down below are a few tips to follow before you engage in anal sex. 

Invest on lube 

One of the reasons why many women face pain during anal is that they do not use lube. Unlike the anus, the vagina is a self-lubricating organ, so you may not have a need for normal vaginal sex. However, your anus does not produce natural lubrication, meaning it might be painful if you have anal sex without lube due to its dryness. 

Condoms are your friend 

You are still at risk of contracting STIs if you have anal sex since it contains skin-to-skin contact and exposure to sexual fluids. This means if one partner is positive, the other will contract the STI if they do not follow safety measures. So it is always wise to wear latex condoms to avoid contracting any harmful STI. 

Consent matters

Mutual consent is a must when engaging in any sexual activity, and this stands true for anal sex as well. A heart-to-heart talk with your partner about your preferences and boundaries can go a long way when it comes to anal sex. 

Anal sex is something that both men and women can enjoy according to their preferences. Most women in this day and age are open about their sexual lives, meaning that they are open to experimenting in the bedroom. This is one major reason why women are so much into anal sex and why they are vocal about it.

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