How alcohol affects sex

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How alcohol affects sex

Alcohol affects males and females differently when it comes to sex and their sex drive. A long history of drinking alcohol also affects the sexual lives of consumers. It’s said that alcohol is a magical drink that gets your blood pumping and ready for action whenever you consume it. But does it really work that way? 

Drinking alcohol is linked to harmful short-term and long-term effects on your body. While it gives you a momentarily shot of bliss, you may face the side effects later. This includes the sexual lives of the consumer as well. If you think alcohol is going to ease up your sexual life, maybe it is time to think twice about that. 

There is no doubt that alcohol gives you a short buzz that makes you more confident in socializing, which also includes confidence in sexual activity. It can also momentarily increase your sexual desire up to a certain level. As good as it sounds, alcohol also accompanies long-term effects on sexual activity, issues in reaching orgasms, issues with consent to sex, fertility issues, as well as issues with STIs. 

Effects of alcohol on men 

Men face a range of effects on their sex drive when they are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol may increase your sex drive, but this is only applicable if you stick to one or two drinks per night. 

Drinking a lot can cause you trouble when it comes to getting “it” up. Yes, it can cause erectile dysfunction, making it difficult for you to get hard. This happens as alcohol decreases the blood flow to your penis as well as results in depressing the central nervous system. While this can be a short-term effect for the men who do not engage in drinking regularly, it can be a long-term effect for those who do, meaning you would not be able to get it hard permanently. 

Drinking too much can cause erectile dysfunction as well as delayed ejaculation. This means that it will take a long time for you to reach an orgasm under the influence of alcohol. Some men may not be able to ejaculate at all. Long-term drinking in males can also result in lowering their sexual desire. 

Effects of alcohol on females

The effects of alcohol on each gender are different. For the ladies, alcohol might actually increase the sex drive as it increases the male hormone testosterone in females. This ultimately results in a boosted sex drive in females. 

However, this effect is not going to increase the more you drink. Maintaining and keeping an eye on your drinks is not an easy task when you are elated, but drinking too much actually decreases the sexual drive in females. 

On the other hand, alcohol also affects how wet you can get down there. It is normal for your body to prepare your genitals for sex when you are actually aroused. However, alcohol in the system interferes with this process, making your vagina dry, which may result in painful and uncomfortable intercourse in females. 

Talking about alcohol interfering with your bodily stimulations, it also affects your ability to get an orgasm. If you plan to get an orgasm while being knocked out, it might not be the best idea, as alcohol also interferes with sexual stimulation. This means it might take you longer to get an orgasm or not get one at all. 

Consent in sexual intercourse under the influence of alcohol

Consent is essential when it comes to sexual activity. This applies to both parties involved, meaning you need to give and get consent in order to proceed with any sexual activity that includes kissing, touching, oral sex, vaginal and anal sex. This rule stays the same even when you are under the influence of alcohol. 

Alcohol makes it difficult for someone to give consent or the party to receive the consent. Verbal consent is very important here, so if you are not sure about your partner’s consent when they are drunk, do not forget to verbalize it and ask them for consent. Setting boundaries before getting drunk also helps with consent, but this does not mean that you cannot reject it while you are in a sexual encounter. You have all the right to stop at any time you want. 

Just like verbal consent, nonverbal consent is also important. Someone might not be able to make clear judgments under the influence of alcohol, so it is important to pay attention to their body language. If they show clear signs of displeasure, you should withdraw your interest in them. 

Drunk sex and STIs

If you are going to engage in sexual intercourse with a stranger under the influence of alcohol, this might increase the risk of contracting an STI. An STI stands for sexually transmitted infection, and when you are drunk, it is hard for you even to stand up, let alone think about contracting STIs. So it is important that you be mindful about your drinking if you are open to having sex with a stranger. 

Alcohol and fertility 

Alcohol affects both genders when it comes to fertility. If you wish to have a child, you might want to cut down on drinks as it causes fertile issues. For men, long-term drinking causes the sperm count to decrease over time, making you infertile. Women who engage in long-term drinking may face issues with ovulating, or they may cease to ovulate, making them infertile. 
Alcohol is undoubtedly a great icebreaker in any event. People easily get confident and get rid of their social anxiety under the influence of alcohol, making it a great beverage to socialize. Alcohol is also great for increasing the sex drive; however, large amounts of it will cause you to lower the sex drive for both men and women. There are many health, mental, and boundary issues associated with alcohol and sex. Alcohol also results in infertility issues in both genders, so being mindful about your weekend drink is important if you want to stay fertile and still want to have a fun time.

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