Does smoking negatively affect sex?

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Does smoking negatively affect sex?

It is not a secret that smoking is generally a recipe for disaster when it comes to your health. Smoking causes many serious health conditions, such as lung disease, heart disease, and so on. Smoking causes both short-term and long-term negative impacts on your body. However, a lesser-known health impact of smoking is sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction means difficulties and problems you face in your sex life. And guess what? Smoking is also linked to sexual dysfunction in both males and females. 

Before diving into why and how smoking negatively affects your sex life, it is important to look into what chemicals cigarettes you consume are made of. These chemicals are often dangerous for your body; hence it affects your overall health. 

What is in cigarettes?

The cigarettes that you consume contain the following harmful chemicals.

  • Nicotine – A less harmful chemical that keeps you addicted. 
  • Tar – A sticky substance that consists of cancer-causing particles 
  • Carbon monoxide – A poisonous gas that restricts the oxygen flow to your organs 
  • Arsenic – A toxic chemical 
  • Formaldehyde – A toxic chemical 

These chemicals can be found in all types of tobacco you may use. Talking about types of tobacco, there are several types. 

  • Cigarettes – The most common type of tobacco
  • E-cigarettes – less harmful compared to a cigarettes 
  • Roll-ups – More harmful when compared to a cigarette 

How does smoking affect your sex life?

Now that you know what chemicals are in your tobacco and what types are available in the market, it is time to look into how it affects you in your sex life. Smoking causes issues in both females as well as males. 

Impact of smoking on sexual dysfunction in men 

The main issue men who smoke may face erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction means you will not be able to get an erection or keep an erection for a long period of time. This occurs as smoking damages the blood vessels, which also includes the blood flow to your penis. Low blood means you will not be able to get your penis hard. However, erectile dysfunction is not only caused by smoking. There are other factors that can cause this condition in men as well. 

Smoking is also linked to decreasing sexual desire, resulting in decreased libido in men. This happens because of the high amount of carbon monoxide in a person’s system due to smoking. Carbon monoxide reduces the male sex hormone, which is known as testosterone. 

Infertility is a major issue that arises in smoking men. Smoking is linked to low sperm production in men, causing a low sperm count. This results in infertility issues in men. 

The other health conditions associated with smoking, such as heart disease and lung disease, may cause smoking men to reduce their overall stamina. This includes stamina in the bedroom as well. 

Impact of smoking on sexual dysfunction in women 

Smoking equally affects women too. Women who smoke regularly will also face certain issues when it comes to sex in their lives. Sexual dysfunction is unavoidable for both genders of smokers. 

Just like men get erectile dysfunction, women may also face issues with getting aroused. As mentioned earlier, smoking reduces the blood flow in blood vessels since it damages and thickens the walls over time. This causes lesser blood flow to the genital, causing little to no arousal. You may find it harder to reach an orgasm as well. Smoking also links up to reducing the female sex hormone, which is known as estragon. 

Smoking also affects your menopause. Menopause is the end of your monthly menstruation. Menopause usually occurs in women between 45-55. However, due to smoking, you can reach menopause earlier than expected. This means you will be unable to get pregnant if you wish to have a baby. This happens due to the toxins such as carbon monoxide and nicotine causing the loss of eggs in women. Smoking also intensifies the symptoms of menopause you may face, such as hot flashes and difficulty sleeping. 

Next up in the impacts of smoking on women is infertility issues. If you are a smoking woman who wishes to have a child, then this is your sign of stopping smoking. Smoking can actually reduce the chances of you getting pregnant, making it harder for you to conceive and carry a child. Smoking while pregnant is a huge no-no, as it can cause harm to the fetus you are carrying. You may end up with a miscarriage, stillbirth, placenta issues, and ectopic pregnancies due to smoking while pregnant. 

Treating sexual dysfunction 

There are many ways to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Talking to a healthcare provider about your concerns will help you further to figure out what works best for you to overcome issues in how you have sex. These treatment plans, however, will usually require you to quit smoking, have a healthy diet, and be physically fit. If anyone wishes to get better in the bedroom, they can get advice from a doctor. 

Quitting Smoking 

There is no doubt that smoking causes negative health impacts in both men and women, and it leads to sexual dysfunction too. Anyone who wishes to quit smoking can get professional help from healthcare providers. The journey of quitting the use of tobacco may not be easy, and it will not be the same for each person. However, it sure will be rewarding when it comes to your health, and that includes your sexual health as well. 

Quitting smoking is a journey, and it involves dedication. There are certain patterns that you will have to go through when you begin your journey, such as avoiding triggers, taking medicine to dull your craving, reminding yourself why it is better to quit, and engaging in physical activity that will boost your spirits. These steps are essential when you decide to cut down on your tobacco use. 

Tobacco use can be deadly, and it will lead to frustrating moments in your overall health as well as your sexual life. In these cases, considering quitting is the best choice for you as well as your loved one’s betterment. 

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