10 Tips to get rid of Vaginal odor

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10 Tips to get rid of vaginal odor

All vaginas are different and unique from each other. That being said, one cannot pinpoint the natural odor of a vagina. However, a vagina does have a mild odor to it which is normal for every vagina owner. This odor is usually mild and musky, and unique to each person. Vaginal order is totally normal and natural, so there is nothing to worry about if your vagina smells a bit. 

A common misconception is that vaginas smell like the seafood section of a supermarket. This, however, is untrue, and if you do have a vagina that smells like raw fish or tuna, there may be an underlying cause connecting to the odor. If you notice an unusual and unpleasant scent that lasts long, then there is a root cause connected to the unpleasant vaginal odor. There are many ways that you can get rid of this odor; however, before talking about the tips on how to get rid of vaginal odor, it is best to pay attention to the root causes of the odor. 

Causes for vaginal odor

The vaginal odor is either normal or abnormal. While reading about abnormal vaginal odor can be informative, it is also good to be knowledgeable about what causes normal vaginal odor in vagina owners. 

Causes for normal vaginal odor 

Yes, your vagina has many bacterias residing in it as we speak. But do not be worried; in normal conditions, these bacterias are friendly. These friendly bacterias make up what the medical folks call vaginal flora. Vaginal flora helps you to protect your vagina from infections. They also aid you in keeping the right acidity in the vagina, which is also known as the PH level in the vagina. 

  • Normal vaginal odors can vary from the small differences in your PH level in the vagina. A sour vaginal odor is caused by a healthy bacteria in your vagina called lactobacilli. This odor is normal and has nothing to worry about. 
  • A vaginal odor that smells slightly like metal is totally normal. This odor may occur during or right after your period. The reason for this metallic smell is the iron in your period’s blood. 
  • An ammonia smell in your vagina may indicate urine residue on your vulva. This smell is totally normal as well. 

These odors are usually temporary and go away on their own. So you don’t really have to think about getting rid of the odor. 

Causes for Abnormal vaginal odor 

An imbalance in your vaginal flora can cause infections in your vagina and PH level. There are various conditions why you may get a long-lasting and unpleasant vaginal odor. 

  • Bacterial vaginosis – That stereotypical fishy smell in vaginas is caused by this condition. This condition occurs due to an imbalance in your vaginal flora. It also causes a gray discharge along with the smell. 
  • Trichomoniasis – This is caused by a sexually transmitted parasite. It is a common infection that results in a fishy smell as well as a greenish discharge. 
  • Vaginitis – Vaginitis is an inflammation in the vagina that happens due to the imbalances of vaginal flora. It results in itching, an odor as well as a discharge. 

These types of abnormal odors go away on their own; however, if it does not disappear for a reasonable amount of time, it is time to call your doctor and get your vagina checked. 

Tips to get rid of vaginal order 

Now that you know your ABCs about what causes vaginal odor, it is time to look into some tips to either prevent the odor or get rid of it. Your hygiene matters when it comes to maintaining vaginal smell, so be sure to keep an eye on your hygiene practice. 

  • Wash your vagina regularly – If you think perfumed vaginal washes will help you get rid of the vaginal odor, then you have fallen into the rabbit hole of perfect marketing. Using strongly scented soap will make it worse down there since your vagina is highly acidic. So be mindful when washing your vagina. Washing your vagina with warm water is the key to keeping it healthy and smelling normal! 
  • Limit your washing to the vulva – Washing your vagina is good, but not the inside of it. Believe it or not, but vagina actually self-cleans itself, so you don’t have to wash the inside of it with soap or water. So washing the inside of your vaginal canal is unnecessary and could be dangerous as it could cause bacterial vaginosis, which will negatively impact the odor. 
  • Wear cotton underwear – Silk underwear might look attractive, but it is not the friendliest material for your vagina. Cotton underwear, on the other hand, absorbs moisture and lets air into your vulva.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes to bed – If you are the type to wear nothing to bed, you can clearly skip this tip. However, if you like to be clothed while you sleep, opt for wearing a lose fitting bottom for air circulation.
  • Change clothes after working out – A sweaty crotch can is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. So make sure to dry your vagina and change into fresh clothes after working out. 
  • Use condoms – Yes, semen can cause irritations in your vagina. This can ultimately lead to discharge, and vaginal odor, so make sure to wear a condom when having sex. 
  • Pee after sex – Peeing after sex is a great way to avoid urinary tract infections as well as to get rid of bodily fluids in the vulva area. This will also help you avoid odor. 
  • Wear tampons / menstrual cups – Using sanitary napkins can cause a foul smell when you are having the monthlies. Wearing tampons or a menstrual cup will help you to get rid of the bad odor. 
  • Stay hydrated – Staying hydrated is a good way to maintain the overall health of your body. Staying hydrated aids your vagina with healthy sweating, which ultimately results in maintaining a good odor. 
  • Eat a good diet – Yes, your diet matters when it comes to everything about your body. Certain foods that contain high sugar levels, wheat, and processed food are generally bad when it comes to vaginal odor. So make sure to eat fresh veggies and fruit in your diet. 

Vaginal odor can be something to be insecure about for vagina owners; however, if you follow these tips on a regular basis, you can easily get rid of the unpleasant vaginal odor.

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